Do you long for new flooring but you are just not sure what will work for you? Wide plank or narrow width? Light, dark, or medium color? Plush carpet, loop, berber, or pattern? Thick or tall or low pile? Vinyl tiles or planks? With all of these choices and so many dozens more it is no wonder so many homeowners are confused and can use some help.

What room in the house are you considering for new flooring, and how will that room be used? Is the room small or large, and how does it interface with other rooms? What is the lighting and window situation? Is your home modern, rustic, or traditional? Are your tastes subtle, loud, flashy, or classic?

At Keystone Floor Works, with almost 35 years of experience and expertise in flooring we can help you! At absolutely no charge to you we will come to your home to measure and inspect your space, evaluate conditions, determine your needs and taste, and help you make choices that work best for you. We will also help you in our showroom so you can browse the hundreds of styles, colors, sizes, and brands available. Our samples are portable and can be brought home so you can see exactly what works best for you in your home. Stop in or contact us anytime and we will be glad to assist you!

hardwood floor samples