Are you thinking about a new floor for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry? Take a good look at the new vinyl plank floors. Many people also use them in foyers, playrooms, commercial and institutional settings, and anywhere in the home.

The newest vinyl planks come in hundreds of styles and colors. Dozens of wood plank styles are available in every possible color tone from light blond to dark ebony, and everywhere in between. Grain patterns can vary from formal to rustic, and even many patterns in weathered barnside tones for that super rustic look. Dozens of stone surface styles also come in a wide range of colors and tones. The patterns are so realistic in look that people think they are walking on marble, granite, terrazzo, or ceramic.

These vinyl floors are 100% waterproof and rated for commercial traffic durability. This makes vinyl an ideal choice for active families with kids and pets, and perfect for rooms that may get wet. Being 100% waterproof means they can withstand wet conditions, even some flooring, and they can be washed regularly without harming the floor.

Image of spot halogen lights under grey kitchen cabinets

And vinyl is among the lowest cost flooring options. A stone pattern vinyl plank floor is a fraction of the cost of marble or ceramic tile, and much easier to maintain. It will last just as long as making vinyl the long term bargain choice.

Some vinyl planks are offered with cork or core-tech backing for extra insulation from temperature or sound extremes. Most rooms can be installed in one day which keeps labor costs and downtime to a minimum. You get the use of your room back faster!

Before you make a final choice for that new floor take a good hard look at the vinyl plank. It just might be the best choice for your needs!