Did you know that Keystone Floor Works is more than a great place to enhance your home with beautiful flooring? We also see a wide selection of home decor and accessories in our city center showroom!

Need something to accent your walls? We stock new and old artwork, prints, originals, engravings, drawings, and antiques, from traditional to classic, to modern styles. Many of our pieces are well over one hundred years old. Early American and colonial art is very abundant in our collection.


Vintage and antique lighting is one of our specialties. Our showrooms boasts a large collection of lamps and lanterns from every era and style. You will find lamps of all shapes and sizes to suit every taste and purpose, no matter what room you need to brighten up.

Add a little musical style to your home with an antique clarinet or trumpet! Our collection of antique and vintage radios include bakelite, metal, early plastic, and wood cabinets from the earliest days of broadcasting. Or perhaps some vintage books or vinyl records can add some historical pizazz to your shelves.

Decorative items from around the world fill our shelves from floor to ceiling. Asian tea sets, German beer steins, European dolls, English china, French Limoges, and Irish crystal are just some of the treasures you’ll find here. We have antique and vintage clocks that still tell time “the old fashioned way,” and add lots of charm to your home.

Handcrafted gifts in all genres and materials add that “one of a kind” special look to your home. Come browse our handcrafted jewelry too. You will be pleasantly surprised at our vast collection of home decor items. Mention this article and receive 10% off your purchase. Happy treasure hunting!