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Pets are a wonderful addition to any home. Companionship, fun, and love are a few good reasons we bring pets into our lives and homes. But with the pleasures of having a pet in the family come some responsibilities as well. For people and pets to be able to thrive and live together in a home, we must follow safe and clean practices so the house and relationships are not destroyed.
This means special attention must be paid in order to maintain your beautiful floors or carpet and to assure that you can avoid damage that can destroy the look or integrity of these surfaces and might be expensive to repair or replace.
First and foremost is the prevention of damage in the first place. A well-trained pet will know that the floor or carpet is not the place to pee or poop. Carpet is not a chew or scratch toy. There are many resources available for the pet owner to train a pet to live well in your home properly. Books at the store or library, professional trainers and veterinarians, and online internet articles and magazines are just a few places to start. But even a well-trained pet may have occasional accidents or other issues.
Here are a few tips to minimize the damage and deal with these issues:

Always keep a supply of paper towels and rags on hand. Also, keep a bottle or two of pet stain remover and enzymatic cleaner. First, clean the spot thoroughly with a dry towel or rag. Gently blog up as much mess as possible without rubbing it in deeper. Then spray the spot with stain remover and gently rub in different directions to clean and remove potential stains.

cleaning the floor with a rag
Closeup side profile of calico cat looking at mess on carpet

I also recommend enzymatic sprays that completely destroy, not just mask, any odors in the spot. This helps prevent Fluffy from returning to the same spot because the odor is completely removed. The same tips apply to fur balls, vomit, or other spills and accidents. The sooner an accident spot is cleaned, the better the results. Spots that are left overnight or longer will be more difficult to clean. Always remember that bleach, ammonia, or other harsh detergents are too harmful to your carpets or floors.

Large or heavy dogs can pose a scratching problem on wood floors, especially if Gogo is active and likes to run around a lot. Scratches may wear into the surface finish or even deeper into the wood itself. This may require refinishing or board replacement to remedy. To avoid this, keep Gogo’s nails well-trimmed. Use runners and throw rugs to protect traffic lanes and “cushion the blow”. Try to create specific safe play areas that Gogo will know.

Dog groomer cutting nails on black Labrador retriever
Little puppy wrapped in towel

If Trixie is a messy drinker or eater, I recommend a plastic or vinyl mat under the bowls. One that is large enough to extend the protected area is best. Wash and dry the mat regularly to maintain a germ-free surface, and so the mat itself does not become the cause of damage.
Wiping paws after a walk or romp in the park is a good practice, especially on wet days. Keep a pet towel handy at the door at all times.

With a little bit of effort and common sense, you can keep your floors and carpet looking great for decades. But if you get to the point where damage seems to be permanent, give us a call for some advice and solutions. Sometimes you may need the pros to solve your problem or correct some damage. Keep those tails wagging!