Are you in the market for new kitchen flooring? We all know how much foot traffic that area of the house can get. You might even be stuck with the previous owner’s selection. We’ve got great news for you! Not only can we upgrade your kitchen flooring to better suit your taste and lifestyle, but you can choose from hardwood, vinyl, cork, and even bamboo! Here’s how you can add some class to your home with a selection of these gorgeous materials.

living room with hardwood floor

Hardwood: This is a classic for any flooring in the home. It’s an elegant choice that is known for its durability, easy upkeep, timeless appeal, and functionality. You won’t go wrong with having this installed in any room of your house.

Vinyl: This is another traditional material to use, and is arguably the most versatile flooring. It’s commonly seen in the kitchen and the bathroom because it’s waterproof, as well as easy to clean. Another benefit is that it can imitate different materials like stone or wood.

Best Flooring For Your Kitchen 1
Vinyl Flooring

Cork: Cork is an excellent material that’s softer on the feet, especially if you’re standing a lot in the kitchen. It’s easy to clean and noise resistant. Another great feature is cork’s ability to hold a consistent temperature. Your flooring will never be too hot or too cold.

Bamboo: This material is giving hardwood a run for its money. It’s made of layers of bamboo and grasses instead of wood. This layering makes it denser and moisture-resistant. Bamboo replicates the look of hardwood but is arguably less expensive to install.

Best Flooring For Your Kitchen 2