Useful Flooring Care and Maintenance Tips

Get useful tips on how to maintain your flooring by checking out the information below. When it comes to flooring, Keystone Floor Works is your ideal choice.

Follow these general procedures for emergency stain removal:

  • Act quickly when anything is dropped or spilled. Remove spots before they dry.

  • Blot liquids with a clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel. For semi-solids, scoop up with a rounded spoon. For solids, break up and vacuum out as much as possible.

  • Pretest any spot removal agent in an inconspicuous area to make certain it will not damage the carpet or its dyes.

  • Apply a small amount of the recommended cleaning solution. Work in gently. Do not scrub. Work from the edges of the spot to the center. Blot thoroughly. Repeat until spot is removed.

  • Follow the steps on the carpet spot removal chart. After each application, absorb as much as possible before proceeding to the next step.

  • Repeat with clean water, and blot again to remove any remaining cleaner residue.

  • Absorb remaining moisture with layer of white, paper towels, weighted down with a non-staining glass or ceramic object.

  • When completely dry, vacuum, or brush the pile to restore the texture.

  • If the spot is not completely removed, then contact a professional carpet cleaner.

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Key to cleaning methods:

  • Dry cleaning fluid – a non-flammable spot removal liquid available in grocery and hardware stores.

  • Nail polish remover – amyl acetate – often has a banana fragrance. Do not use if it contains acetone.

  • Detergent solution – Mix 2 cups of cold water and 1/8 teaspoon mild liquid detergent (no lanolin, non-bleach).

  • Warm water – lukewarm tap water.

  • Vinegar solution – one part WHITE vinegar to one part water.

  • Ammonia solution – one tablespoon household ammonia to one cup water.

  • Spot removal kit – available from retail carpet stores or professional cleaners.

  • Call a professional – for additional suggestions, special cleaning chemicals, or the ability to patch the area.

  • Vacuum clean

How to care for your refinished hardwood floor:

You can extend the life of your finish with proper care and attention. Regular wear from traffic can put ugly scratches and nicks in your finish. Be kind to your floors! Follow these simple guidelines and your floors will be kind to you!

  • Keep your floor clean! Simple dust mopping is the best way. A little Endust once in a while won’t hurt. Don’t wash your floor more than three or four times a year — water and wood don’t get along. Detergents will harm your finish so use the mildest soap you can find.

  • Place area rugs or carpet runners in and around heavy traffic areas like halls, stairs, and doorways. This will absorb some of the wear.

  • Walk in socks, slippers, or sneakers (like a gym floor) as often as you can. Black soled shoes will scuff and high heels can put dimples and ruts in your floor.

  • Do not drag chairs, furniture, ladders or anything on your floor. Lift and gentle place objects without dragging them.

  • Invest in good quality floor protectors for the feet of your chairs and all your furniture.

  • Never wax or oil your floors. This impedes the bonding of any additional coats of polyurethane.

  • Recoat your floors every 5-7 years even if they look like they don’t need it (commercial floors every 2 years). It refreshes the look and luster, adds another layer of protecting polyurethane, and can be done at minimal cost without the mess and time of a full sanding.

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