Have you ever considered the difference in dealing with a big box store versus the family floor store? Let’s think about which may be best for you.

small kitchen with wood floor

Many people think that the big box store will have the best or lowest prices. Think again! One secret the bib box stores don’t want you to know is that they tend to carry only the lower end products. That’s why the price is so low. Just as it is with ALL manufacturers of ALL types of products most manufacturers produce low end products for people with limited budgets, and also medium and higher end products for people willing to pay more for higher quality. Big box flooring may look the same to you but the grade and quality of these products is lower end. The materials and finishes are of lesser quality and so are the manufacturing methods, controls, and specifications. They won’t last half as long as the good stuff! The family floor store can get the cheap stuff for you too, but they will generally showcase the higher quality goods because it is the best way to satisfy customers in the long run, and they want you to come back happy not mad!

The quality and expertise of family floor store staff is much better. Generally, you are dealing with the owner, family members, or long term employees that are committed to the long term satisfaction of customers and success of the business. They are highly invested in their business, customers, and community, and it is their livelihood and life’s work at stake if they don’t satisfy customers with great service, products, and solutions. Employees at the big box come and go with NO long term commitments. It is just another job for them, not a career. They may be in the flooring department today but worked electrical or gardening yesterday. Can you really expect them to have much flooring expertise or care about what you put in your home? If there is a problem with your floor a few years later do you really expect the same people to still be there to help you?

hardwood floor samples

The key here is that the family store is the better choice and value in the long run. They will satisfy you with better quality products that will look better and last two or three times longer. The higher professionalism, expertise, quality, and service of the family floor staff will serve you better both during and after your shopping experience and installation. Make the smart long term choice!