Want to boost the value of your home while improving its aesthetic? Choose alternative flooring options like luxury vinyl, cork, or bamboo floors available at Keystone Floor Works today!

Alternative Flooring Options

We carry the finest vinyl, cork, and bamboo that are durable, beautiful, strong, long-lasting, and perfect for residential and commercial applications. Add unique style and charm to your home with these unique alternative flooring options to carpet, wood, or tile.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has always been perfect for creating a new look or protecting an older floor against the abuse of household traffic but has largely had a bad reputation as being ugly and undesirable. Now there’s a wider selection with the addition of luxury vinyl plank and tile vinyl flooring to flip your previous opinions on what it really means to have vinyl flooring. The designs look like natural stone, hardwood, and ceramic tiles, and they are solid enough that they feel like “the real thing” with some extra padding to cushion your steps.


Cork is a great alternative flooring option that acts and reacts like several different floors all at once. An example is a floating cork floor that can be installed just like laminate, making it quick and easy to install, and inexpensive. Cork floors can also be finished to imitate hardwood with small site finishes while reducing damage from spills or liquid-like tile. It’s also warm and on your feet and great for soundproofing, making it a great option for condos, music spaces, and commercial meeting rooms.

Alternative Flooring Options


Although bamboo is the most appealing to consumers interested in using natural, renewable building materials, it boasts plenty of benefits that make it an attractive choice to anyone looking at flooring options. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, easy to refinish, durable, pest resistant, and easy to install. While traditional hardwood takes upwards of 20 years to mature, bamboo is considered grass and grows, develops, and is ready to harvest within five to seven years without needing to replant. This means bamboo is always in supply while hardwoods may become difficult to acquire!